Readers Club

Join me in a magical world of monsters and mayhem

I’m buzzing with excitement. And that’s because I’m able to invite YOU to exclusively enter my world of historical horror and find out what goes on behind the scenes of dreaming up dark fantasy stories and making them come chillingly to life.

I’ve launched an access-all-areas subscriber-only Readers Club. Signing up means you’ll be the first to hear of any new releases, special promotions, limited-period discounts, launch parties and any guest podcast appearances or video interviews I’ll be featuring in.

In addition, you’ll receive a members-only monthly newsletter. Cram-packed with fun and facts, it provides updates on my current projects and how well or terribly they’re going, sneak peek cover reveals, plus “insider” extra material about my books and characters. There’s gossip and gags, competitions and giveaways, chats with fellow horror writers and lots of surprise features.

As a Readers Club member you can learn more about me and what inspires my writing, ask questions about any dark fantasy or horror topic that fascinates you and make suggestions on what you’d like to see in future episodes of my Gothic frighteners – especially the Blood Riders vampire series and the To Snare A Witch sorcery books.

But it isn’t just my own wonderful readers that I’m extending this invitation to. I’m sure you’ll find my newsletter entertaining if you’re a horror fan, fellow fantasy writer, someone who who dreams of becoming an author or is simply curious about the tricks and techniques of storytelling.

I promise, hand on heart, that there are no hard sales pitches. No cajoling. Just intriguing info and insights. And I promise I do my very best to make each newsletter issue lively and funny. I may write dark material but I’m a humorist by nature.

Like the sound of all that?  If you do, simply click HERE to sign up. It’s free, you can unsubscribe at any time and I guarantee you won’t be pestered and I won’t share your data.