To Snare A Witch Book 2


Terror as a reluctant sorceress discovers that once you’ve entered the deadly world of magic, there’s no turning back…


Elizabeth Fiennes thought her troubles solved with one desperate act of enchantment, rescuing her wrongly accused husband Jack from the gallows. But she soon learns that, in mystical 17th century England, magic is a cruel mistress and for every spell cast there is a devastating price to be paid.

Now both face a future of damnation, Elizabeth being dragged deeper and deeper into the alluring life of curses and invocation, while Jack is forced to abandon every moral belief he held sacred.

As dark act follows dark act their love and innocence is stretched to snapping point, projecting them into the heart of a demonic conflict between the coven who seek to harness Elizabeth’s extraordinary witchcraft skills and the ruthless magistrate plotting to destroy all her kind.

To Snare A Witch: Part Two – Sisterhood of Evil

Available in ebook and paperback formats, and on Kindle Unlimited.

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