About Me

Historical horror author Jay Raven blames a misspent childhood watching Hammer Horror films for his lifelong obsession with the past, spooky woodland, horse-drawn carriages and visiting castles – preferably during the hours of daylight! All of which might explain why he now lives in a creepy old house perched atop a steep hill on the edge of a 500-acre forest teeming with bats.

A writer for 23 years, Birmingham-based Jay was a journalist before leaving behind the clamour of headlines and deadlines to chase his dream of capturing monsters and releasing them into the world of fiction. During that time his work has been widely published in horror and fantasy anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic.

As well as reinventing traditional Gothic horror for a modern audience, he writes witchcraft tales with strong supernatural themes. He loves to cross genres and bring unexpected elements  – if not elementals – to the party.

Having finally made it to Transylvania to soak up the atmosphere and scout locations for his Blood Riders vampire hunter series, he has just one regret in life – the fact that his house isn’t haunted. But long-suffering wife Liz has threatened to do something about that…